Designing of Computer Aided Visual System for Workstations Layout Planning Based on Efficiency Criteria


Layout planning in industrial plants means planning the location of all machines,utilities, workers, workstations, and department...Etc.five basic types of layout, fixed-position,cellar, process, product &hybrid. This research study Product layout problem through studyproblem of arranging number of machines, workers, workstations on a production line in wayachieves uniform materials flow, this problem is known as single row facility layout, thisproblem is very difficult to be solved in fact. The aim of the research is to designs and buildscomputer aided visual planning system to study product layout problem, helps the managementin layout planning process and in decision making about the workstations arrangement based onefficiency criteria. The suggested planning system was built by Auto lisp language and displaythe system outputs on computer screen in two ways visual diagram (workstation timeworkstationnumber), calculated outputs (actual cycle time, workstations number, efficiencyactual daily production rate) .the suggested system was applied on lawn mower production linegets from reference to show the sequence of system working, inputs & visual outputs, so thesystem will study all possible workstations layout. Current workstations arrangement consists ofseries four workstations& line Efficiency=81.82%, the efficiency can improve &increases to90% by re-arranges the workstations& distributes the total work in five serial workstations.