A High Quality Output Voltage for HEPWM of Single Phase AC Motor Drive


provide the exact on-line solution to the optimal PWM problem. The proposedalgorithm optimization technique is applied to a 3-level unipolar single-phase inverter todetermine optimum switching angles for eliminating low order harmonics while maintainingthe required fundamental voltage to drive single-phase induction motor with high quality.The proposed HE method contributes to the existing methods because it not only generatesthe desired fundamental frequency voltage, but also completely eliminates any number ofharmonics. It provides high quality sine-wave output voltage on the induction motorterminals with very low THD.The high quality sinusoidal output voltage produced by the inverter at different numberof switching angles is presented. The complete solutions for 3-level unipolar switchingpatterns to eliminate the 3rd and 5th harmonics are given. Finally, the unipolar case is againconsidered where the first 14 harmonics are eliminated.