Sliding Mode Control For Gust Responses In Tall Building


The race toward new heights has led to the construction of tall flexible buildingswith low inherent structural damping. As buildings get taller their sensitivity to windexcitations increases which threaten their integrity and serviceability. Therefore the controlof gust responses of tall buildings has gained worldwide attention. In this work an adaptiveSliding Mode Control (SMC) driven Magneto Rheological (MR) fluid damper is proposedfor the vibration control problem of a wind excited tall building. The equivalent control partproposed in this work is based on filtering the overall discontinuous control signal for abetter satisfaction of the reachability condition on one hand, and to heal the chatteringphenomenon on the other which is further reduced by replacing the hard switching signfunction by the sigmoid-like function. The adaptive tactic is based on using 3 second timeaverage variations of the gust speed to estimate the wind loading on the structure byutilizing the theory of quasi-steady aerodynamics.