Experimental study of Inclination angle and Surface Area Effects For Longitudinally Finned Cylinder on Free Convection Heat Transfer in an open Enclosure


This study deals with heat transfer by free convection from the outer surface of twocylinders (Triangular & Rectangular shape fined cylinder 12-fins). The experimentalwork was conducted with air as a heat transport medium. The cylinders were fixed atdifferent slope angles (0o, 30o, 60o, 90o) .The heat fluxes was (1310, 837, 470, 212, 53)W/m2. Where heat transferred by convection and radiation. The results show that heattransfer from the triangular finned cylinder is maximum at a slope angle (90o) andminimum at the slope angle (0o) with the range from [Ra = (1.54*107 – 1.57*108)].