Blended Learning in medicine collage


The university education Almtmazj model combines the traditional way ofeducation and the use of modern technology. And has many benefits, is to shorten the time, effort and cost, in addition to the possibility of improving the overall level of collection of curriculum, teaching and student assistance in providing attractive learning environment. Despite the importance of this type of education and the preliminary results that have proved successful, but the use is still in the offingbecause of various difficulties and challenges. And must therefore define a vision for future employment in the educational process, and that education is Almtmazj one of the elements of this vision. The social awareness among community members the importance of this approach to education does not exist at various levels. There is aneed to review the educational environment in all stages of education, to conform to the requirements of university education. That knowledge is not the transfer of information from the student teaching, but how the student of this information and the environment in which they conduct the learning process, hence the importance of social awareness of the importance of information technology, the benefits of itsapplications. Since many forms of e-learning and a variety of different circumstances and different parties involved in the learning process, such as distance learning, and learning in the classroom, will study the form of only one, a university medical schools Almtmazj using medical programs in addition to learning traditional education . The results showed a marked improvement in the utilization of information technology.