Using of Taguchi Method to Optimize the Casting of Al–Si /Al2O3 Composites


Taguchi method is a problem – solving tool which can improve the performanceof the product, process design and system. This method combines the experimental andanalytical concepts to determine the most influential parameter on the result response forthe significant improvement in the overall performance. In this research Al–Si /Al2O3composites was prepared by vortex technique using three different parameters, stirringtime, stirring speed, and volume fraction of the reinforcement particles. A tensile andhardness tests were done for the resulted castings. The primary objective is to useTaguchi method for predicting the better parameters that give the highest tensile strengthand hardness to the castings, and then preparing composites at these parameters andcomparing them with the randomly used once. The experimental and analytical resultsshowed that the Taguchi method was successful in predicting the parameters that givethe highest properties and the volume fraction was the most influential parameter on thetensile strength and hardness results of castings