Behavior of Short Reinforced Porcelinite Concrete Columns Under Concentric Loads


This study presents on experimental method to investigate the behavior ofreinforced porcelinite concrete columns subjected to concentric load. The experimentalwork includes investigation of ten lightweight concrete columns with square crosssection 190×190mm and 1000mm in length subjected to concentric load to assess theeffect of the amount of longitudinal steel reinforcement, lateral tie reinforcement andgrade of concrete. From the experimental observation it was found that the porceliniteaggregate is a good structural material to produce lightweight concrete columns. It isnoted from tested columns that keeping the amount of the longitudinal steel ratioconstant, the increase in the amount of transverse steel to about four times (bydecreasing the spacing to about a quarter according to the ACI-Code (318M-05)) gave asignificant influence on column post-cracking behavior. The improvements in thecolumn due to higher value of confinement include: (i) less brittle behavior; (ii)significantly less damage to the concrete core; (iii) 12% increase in column loadcarrying capacity. Also, A modified formula for column capacity is proposed to takeinto account the influence of spacing of ties (effect of confinement).