Mechanical Properties of High Performance Carbon Fiber Concrete


In this research mechanical properties of high performance carbon fiber concreteare studied. The experimental work includes, producing high performance concreteusing superplasticizer and condensed silica fume reinforced with different volumefractions (0%, 0.2%, 0.3%, 0.4% and 0.5%) of carbon fibers. The effect of choppedcarbon fibers on the mechanical properties (compressive strength, splitting tensile andflexural strengths, and modulus of elasticity) of high performance concrete was alsostudied. Generally, the results show that the addition of carbon fibers improves themechanical properties of high performance concrete. Also the results show that Usingcondensed silica fume as addition by weight of cement increases the compressivestrength more than that as replacement by weight of cement. The percentages increasein compressive strength of concrete containing 15% silica fume as replacement and asaddition by weight of cement are about 14% and 26% respectively. The addition ofcarbon fibers causes a slight increase in compressive strength and modulus ofelasticity of high performance concrete when the fiber volume fraction increases,while the splitting tensile and flexural strengths shows a significant increase relativeto the reference high performance concrete (without fiber). The percentage increase insplitting tensile and flexural strengths for high performance concrete with fibervolume fraction 0.5% at 28 days is about 45% and 46% respectively.