The Effect of Liquid Nitriding and Carborizing on Adhesive Wear Resistance of Carbon Steel 1020


The aim of this paper is to study the effect of Nitro carburizing on adhesivewear resistance of carbon steel (1020 AISI). Four groups of specimens weremanufactured (A, B, C, D) with dimensions (D20*10 mm) according to ASTMstandard . Liquid nitriding at 550 °C for one hour was applied for group B, liquidcarburizing at 950°C for one hour was applied for group C, and double process ofnitriding the carburizing in the same conditions as mentioned before was appliedfor group D. The hardness test, the adhesive wear resistance at different conditions(time, sliding velocity and load) and photo microstructure was checked by opticalmicroscope, then phases was examined by the X-ray diffraction technique for allthe specimens. It is found that the adhesive wear resistance was improved by allsurface heat treatment. Nitriding and carburizing but Nitro carburizing it found thatbest improvement.