Influence of Corrosion Rate on the Double Butt Welding Shapes Design for Low Carbon Steel


The aim of this paper is to demonstrate the influence of butt welding shapeson the corrosion rate, microstructure and temperature of carbon steel typeSt37.The double butt welding was performed by V angles 15°,30° and 45°. Thefinite element analysis via ANSYS software is performed, this analysis includes afinite element model for the thermal welding simulation. The temperaturedistribution was obtained. From the results of the microscopic structure it isevident that the geometric shape has an important role in the welding process,when the geometric value of the welding region gets bigger, the faults get less dueto increase of heat quantity in the welding region and the corrosion rate for therain water is less than of sea water. The work presents the finite element model fornumerical simulation of welding in carbon steel St37 double butt welding.