Proposal to Complex DES Security Using Diffie Hellman Injection


Data Encryption Standard (DES) is based on a round of starters, from theresults of the use of multi-stage permutation and replacement to the more complexalgorithm which adopts the symmetric key. Diffie- Hellman is based keygeneration algorithm puts a shared secret key between two parties A and B, whichdepends on the prime number.This research suggest a technique it is objective is the blending between thetwo encryption methods DES and Diffie Hellman to make DES more safe andsecure. That by propose two options first one include injection the encryption DESafter the seventh round with Diffie-Hellman just as key distribution algorithm thenthe results of the last back to the eighth round to complete the encryption processof DES. The second include injection the encryption DES after the eighth roundwith Diffie-Hellman just as key distribution algorithm to generate key the resultsof the eighth round will be encrypted using stream cipher then back to the ninthround to complete the encryption process of DES.