Message in the disease plague of Jalal al-Din Abd al-Rahman ibn Abi Bakr al Suyuti


This research try working out in one from thesises ( Jalal Aldin Alsyouti ) ( 911 H. ) This dissertation under the title (( Resalah Phi )) Maradh Altaun , besides about the secientific importance for this thesis it is not certain then he had another course in ( Plague ) that established in the nineties from the last century with the title (( Ma Rawah Alwaun phi Altau'n )) in his thesis Alsyouti connected between the human science and straight science when he carried the special news in (( plague )) in a traditional style through out authority text and review the novels so he add another importance for this hand written it is noticeable that he take up a good system that he suppored his news with critique it and given his opinion with the correct from it . as well as he gives his opinion to several resources and non necessity to take the opinion of this resources , but we see that he supposed his opinion on side and leave it on the other side . We preceded the text that we achieved with achievement introductions when we gave biography informing about the writer and aside from his scientific position and we hobbing on the course that he take up in this thesis and produce a complete description for this hand written and it's achievement .