A Deactivation Correlation for Platinum Y-Zeolite in n-Hexane Isomerization


The objective of the present work is to realize the kinetic modeling regardingdeactivation of Pt-HY zeolite and monitor the isomerization reaction of n-hexane. Thecatalyst has been prepared with o.4% Pt and evaluated during the isomerization reactionof n-hexane. Based on the results of catalytic investigation, a kinetic model was proposedto deactivate the catalyst by coke formation. The present method provides information onapparent overall kinetics as well as deactivation parameters and would seem to provide arapid method for screening of reaction/deactivation behavior. Accordingly thedeactivation order was found to be 3.72. The obtained correlation of deactivation predictsthe activity pattern under the applied reaction conditions, closely mimics those observedexperimentally, and spans those obtained from empirical correlations.