The Use of Toluene to Improve the Mechanical, Thermal, Electrical Properties of Polymer Blend


This study was performed to investigate the effect of addition the toluene solvent to prepare polymeric blends that are used in the tile manufacture. The first blend was prepared by adding the toluene solvent to epoxy resin at a weighted ratio 50%. While the second blend was prepared by adding a fixed weighted ratio of toluene solvent to varied weighted ratio of epoxy and polystyrene resins. The mechanical (hardness), thermal (thermal conductivity) and electrical(electrical isolation) properties were applied to find the optimum weighted ratios of prepared blends when compared with untreated samples of toluene solvent. The experimental results showed that the properties of hardness, thermal conductivity and electrical isolation for both of blends were improved by (0,2.5,5,10%), down each of the hardness (27,21,20,28%) and thermal conductivity (42,20,25,27%) andthe dielectric constant (69,62,61,61%) on respectively compared with those properties of untreated samples. The improvement of mechanical, thermal and electrical properties for the second blend was predominant