Study The Environmental Effect on The Properties of (Epoxy / Rubber) Composite


This study includes preparation of polymer blend consisting of epoxy resin with NBR (Natural Butadiene Rubber) with70:30 percentage respectively, and this blend is used as a matrix in a composite material together with short glass fiber Eglass and carbon fiber HST type as hybrid reinforcement. Composite material specimens were prepared with a volume fraction Vf =35 %. SiO2 with particle size 50-75 μm was added in a percentage 3% to improve mechanical properties, (Impact, tensile strength, hardness) and diffusion coefficient in water and basic solution. The effect of U.V. radiation was also studied for different intervals of exposure, for the previously mentioned propertiesThe results showed that KOH solution had a noticeable effect on theproperties and the radiation affects negatively on the properties more than the water .The composite material reinforced with carbon fibers had better properties when considering its resistance to radiation, water, and alkaline solution.