Study Some Physical and Mechanical Properties of Ceramic – Ceramic Fibers Composite


Zirconia fibers have been prepared by convertional method using cotton threadsimpregrated in zirconium oxychloride solution ( ZrOCl2. 8H2O ). X-raydiffraction shows the crystallinity of zirconia and optical microscopy shows thefibers fabrication. Differnet percentage ( 2 ,4 ,8 , 10 and 12 ) of prepared zirconiafibers mixed with ZnO powder.All the specmen sintered at 1250 °C for 2hrs. Physical properties (density andvolume shrinkage) were measured and Mechanicl properties (Vicker ̉shardness,fracture strength and fracture toughness by indentation method ) werecalculated, 10% of fiber content has the maximum values for these properties forthe composite.