The Study of Typical Conditions to Remove Co from Water by Adsorption by Using Activated Carbon


The effective removal of heavy metal ions from water is among the mostimportant issues for many industrialized countries. The present work has beencarried out to study the adsorption of cobalt [II] ion using activated carbon.The removal of cobalt ions was investigated in batch conditions. The influence ofinitial cobalt ion concentration, pH, adsorbent dose, adsorbent practical size;contact time and shaking rate were studied at room temperature. The analysis ofresidual Co [II] ions was determined using Atomic Absorption SpectrophotometerGBC 933 plus. The results showed that the percentage adsorption of activatedcarbon increases with time and that maximum adsorption was obtained within thefirst 60 minutes of the process, and 300 rpm shaking rate.The experiments showed that the maximum % adsorption of 100% was obtainedat adsorbent dose=0.4 gm, pH=13, particle size= (0-75) μm and 10 mg/L of initialconcentration of cobalt. These results indicate that activated carbon has potentialfor removing cobalt ions from water.