Performance Changes For Window Type Air-Conditioner Unit Chemically Treated To Work In An Industrial Petrochemical Environment


Since most of our industrial applications suffer from aging of units. and hencethe penalty of gaseous harmful releases with bad corrosive influences on airconditioningcomponents. However all the available solutions to diminish theseinfluences are related to painting parts of the air-conditioning system with differentsubstances and methods. The present study investigates the effect of chemicalpainting on the performance of these air-conditioning units. This research is apractical study which explores the influence of a specified kind of chemicalpainting used to paint Aluminum fins and copper pipes in the refrigeration systemfor window type air-conditioning units of (2tons capacity-reciprocating compressor-R-22) on it’s performance through calculating each of the capacity ofrefrigeration, compressor work, transmitted heat and coefficient of performancebefore and after the chemical painting process, and making comparison betweenthe two in various operating conditions. It was found that the coating causes adecrease of the capacity of refrigeration, compressor work, transmitted heat andcoefficient of performance. However it saves all parts in refrigeration system fromcorrosion for along time. The practical part were conducted in the state companyfor electrical industries.