Influence of The Air Flow In The Induction System On The Performance Of A Reciprocating Air Compressor


The aim of this work is to study the effect of the flow in the induction system onthe reciprocating air compressor performance. The study was carried out on thereciprocating air compressor with two cylinders and three stages. The coolingbetween two cylinders occurs by the air and used three pipes with different lengthand diameter. A mathematical model is presented to calculate the pressure,temperature, volume, mass and volumetric efficiency. This model depends on theRunge-Kutla method to solve the differential equation system. The result show thatwhen used the multi – stage air compressor increases as result of efficiency aircooling , the length and diameter of the induction pipe and velocity of compressorhave a significant influence on the compression wave capacity also the finalpressure generated in compression space which caused to increase the volumetricefficiency .