Proposed Hybrid Approach of Stream Cipher base on Selector of Encryption operation and Key Symmetric translate


A stream cipher is a method of encrypting text (to produce cipher text) inwhich a cryptographic key and algorithm are applied to each binary digit in a datastream, one bit at a time. This method is not much used in modern cryptography.The main alternative method is the block cipher in which a key and algorithm areapplied to blocks of data rather than individual bits in a stream. One of theweaknesses in the stream cipher is to analyze the text through the use ofencryption algorithms standard in encryption operations.In this paper description a hybrid structure of encryption algorithm for streamcipher, this algorithm depends on a specific elements for the selection ofencryption process (logical operation (XOR, AND) between the secret key and theplain text through encryption, decryption process. the specific intelligenceelements choose from key. The secret key generated from random generator willbe encrypted by RSA algorithm and sends with the encrypted text inside thepacket