Reducing of Flammability for Polymeric Composite Material by Using Flame Retardants Coating


The low thermal resistance of polymeric materials to high temperatures consideredthe main limitation to used these materials in such applications required high thermalresistance ,so ,the present research aimed to study the possibility to increasing flameretardancy of advanced polymeric composite materials reinforced by fibers bycoating by a flame retardant layer represent antimony tetroxide (Sb2O4) as a coatinglayer (4mm) thickness to react and prevent spread of flame on surface of compositematerial consist of araldite resin(AY103) reinforced by woven roving carbon - Kevlarfibers (0°-45°) and exposed this coating layer to direct flame generated fromoxyacetylene flame with different exposure distances (10mm,15mm,20mm) andstudy the range of resistance of flame retardant material layer to the flames andthermal resistance and flame retardancy after coating by antimony tetroxide as wellas rising flame resistance increased exposure distances to flame .