Effect of Heat Treatments on The Mechanical Properties And Wear Resistance of Al- Alloy Matrix Composite


Metal matrix composite (MMCs) of the base alloy (Al-0.978%Mg-1.03%Si) reinforcedwith SiC particles (10 wt %) with particle size (53-106) μm was prepared by stir castingusing vortex technique. Solution heat treatment and aging are carried out at a constanttemperature of 175C° for different aging times. Many inspections and tests such asmicrostructure, Vickers hardness and XRD analysis. Wear test type ( Pin – on – Disc) withvarious applied loads and different exposure times at constant parameters was carried outunder dry sliding conditions.It was found that the addition of SiC particles to base alloy improved the hardness andwear resistance before and after heat treatment (precipitation hardening).In addition, using SiC particles with alloy matrix resulted in a faster aging response i.e thetime of peak hardness decreased from 8hr to 5hr for base alloy and composite respectively.These results indicate that the addition of SiC particles to Al –alloy matrix accelerates theaging kinetic.