A New Design of High Negative Dispersion Optical Fiber with - 951ps/ (nm.km) at 1550nm


In this paper, a new design of high negative dispersion optical fiber is introduced.The generalized analysis of multiple-clad cylindrical dielectric structures with step index profiles is presented. The design is focused on quadrature-clad fibers. The optical fiber with step-index but certain profile is tested. By using simulation program, the optical fiber with high negative dispersion was designed and tested. A very high negative dispersion (up to -951ps/nm/km) is obtained due to a design optical fiber with quadrature-clad at wavelength of 1550nm.Each of fiber profile and the relation between the dispersion and wavelength are plotted. The computer simulations show that an optimally designed negative dispersion fiber can reduce the dispersion of standard fiber when it is added with the existing standard fiber in a ratio of 50:1.