Rotational Viscosity Prediction Models For Asphalt Cement


It is a great importance to know asphalt cement viscosity in order to perform handling, mixing, application processes and asphalt compaction in highway surfacing.This paper presents the results of rotational viscosity measurement for different asphalt cement sources, grades, and different test temperatures. statistical models were developed to predict the rotational viscosity for any asphalt cement grades thatusually used in pavement work in Iraq and for different test temperatures. in this study six types of asphalt cement have been used. All the asphalt cement are locally available and widely employed for the pavement construction in the Iraq. These asphalt cement are: AC(40-50) from Daurah and Baiji refinery, (AC 60-70) fromDaurah refinery, AC(50-60) from Daurah and Basrah refinery, AC(85-100) from Daurah refinery. Also, this paper shows that no change have been observed in rotational viscosity for asphalt cement blow 100 °C, and it is about 12613 mPa.s.