Study of Some Structural , Optical Properties of Copper Oxide Thin Films Deposited by Chemical Spray Pyrolysis Method


In this research we prepared copper oxide thin films by Spray pyrolysis method with various salts such as ( acetate, nitrate & copper chloride (0.1 M) and study its structural and optical properties.Laser technique has been used to determine the thickness of thin films, The structure characterization of the film was carried out with XRD. The results of XRD show that all samples have a polycrystalline , Optical properties has been measured by using spectrophotometer . The absorption coefficient was (1.723*105- 1.936*105 cm-1) at ( 380nm ) according to the kind of salt, and (1.81*104 – 1.748*103 cm-1) at ( 900 nm ). The energy gap for direct allowed transition was ranged (2.05 eV– 2.65 eV).