Nonlinear Analysis of Thermoviscoelasticity of Laminated Composites


The nonlinear thermoviscoelastic behavior of composite thin plates isinvestigated. An experimental program covers an achievement of creep tests under different temperatures, dimensions of specimens and distribution loads to describe the equation of creep compliance. The stress relaxation is also determined from the experimental creep compliance. A new equation of creep compliance function D(ts, ,T) and relaxation modulus E(t,e,T) were predicted from the experimental results to describe the nonlinear thermoviscoelastic behavior of composite thin plates. A good agreement has been observed between the proposed models of nonlinear behavior at different temperatures and experimental results and between both theoretical and FEM results.It was found that thus the deflection is increasing at the beginning and the rate of increase is nearly constant and increase with increasing temperature from 30 Co to 60 Co with approximate rate (34.6%) for simply support plate at distributed load (q=1.934E-3 N/mm2), relative dimensions (a/b)=1.0 and time=15 min.The results indicate that the shear stress increases with rate (50.7%), so that strain in y-axis increases with rate (19%) as a result of increase the temperature from (30 Co to 60 Co).