Establishing Total Quality Management Application System For School Building Projects in Iraq


ISO 9001 certificate becomes an important issue in the resent time specially for global objectives companies that have an extended activities over different countries. ISO certificate considered as passing permit which over come all barriers and introduce a company, establishment, or organization to customers certifying its products and management compatibility to the certificate requirements. Locally the certificate becomes an important effort toward applying the mentionedspecification due to different reasons. The first reason is organizationally to create an environment conditions to achieve quality in their products and operations, the second reason is to raise morale and to inforce confidence in their sel’fs, and their organization in a level that is not less than the level of other internationalorganizations. Other reason in contracted one whether internally and specially externally which require the optioning of ISO certificate.School building directorate considered one of the governmental importantdirectorates. Its importance is due to its function of providing scientific services to the society. Therefore the construction of school buildings will be constructed according to the highest quality standards and specifications. Achieving the required standard is the responsibility of the designer and the constructor which means in general is the responsibility school building directorates.This research reveals that there is no total quality management system that is applied by for school buildings in Iraq even when some total quality items were appeared that are applied in this research and this is due to the efficiency of some administrations and its obedience to the existing law. The research recommended full items application of the proposed total quality management system. Program is prepared to simulate the application of total quality management system having different approaches and benefit can be obtained by a adopting theapplication of the program by contracting companies, and school buildingdirectorates.