Tensile Strength of Lime Stabilized Gypseous Soil


This work aims to study the properties of tensile strength of lime stabilized gypseous soil considering to the following variables: curing conditions which include the temperature and duration of curing and initial water content. In addition, the effect of wetting anddrying cycles on the tensile strength was carried out. The soil was stabilized with a (3%) lime as a results of the unconfined compressive strength. The results indicated a significant improvement of the tensile strengths, and increases with the curing temperature andduration. When the curing duration extended to (180) days at (49, 60C0), a reduction in the tensile strength occurred as compared with the samples cured for (90) days. The effect of drying and wetting cycles on the tensile strength for the lime treated soil were investigated. The treated samples were subjected to (15) cycles of drying and wetting, the results showed a reduction in the tensile strength varied between (2-64 %).