Simulation Design of A General Purpose Microprocessor Based on FPGA


A General purpose microprocessor is one having the capability to execute the usual set of instructions like arithmetic, logic, branching and other control instructions. It is consisting of a set of registers to store data, a program counter, a stack pointer, ..etc. In this work, a Processor system is proposed, designed, simulated using MATLAB SIMULINK, and implemented using FPGA implementation tools. The simulation is done using MATLAB because of its simple building and testing facilities. The system then implemented using Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs). The implementation using FPGAs has the advantage of being debugged, updated, expanded simply by reprogramming the FPGA chip without the need to replace the hardware. The system is implemented using two types of chips for comparison purposes. The first is using the chip VX1000 (G680) that contains 12288slice while the second is using XCV800 (FG676) that contains 9408 slice.Implementation results show higher percentage use of the smaller chip resources but faster operation due to shorter internal paths used