Analysis and Simulation of Shunt Active Power Filter For Harmonic Cancellation of Non Linear Loads


Use of nonlinear loads, such as power converters, power sources,uninterruptible power supply (UPS) units, and arc devices like electric furnaces and fluorescent lamps and large adjustable speed motor drives, is expected to grow rapidly. All of these loads inject harmonic currents and reactive power into the power system. This paper presents a study and simulation of a three phase active power filter. A multilevel PWM inverter is used with current control technique. The proposed control system is very simple and therefore practicalimplementation of active power filters is available. The presented system is able to compensating current harmonics, reactive power and unbalance current of non linear loads. The total harmonic distortion is calculated for deferent load before and after filtering with deferent type of filter. A comparison is made between passive filter and active.The results have been obtained using software called PSIM, which hasdemonstrated its reliability for almost 10 years of simulations, which have been approved with real experimental results.