An Effective Wireless Monitoring Tool (EWMT)


As computer networking has expanded and matured, there has been a growing requirement to collect traffic statistics for understanding the current load and planning future connectivity. This requirement leads to consider the general problem of a software packet monitor for analyzing traffic patterns and gathering statistics. This Paper presents a software monitoring system named "Effective Wireless Monitoring Tool" (EWMT) which has been built to help the network administrator to discover network problems as soon as possible.The proposed system achieves its goal by sniffing, capturing, andanalyzing the network traffic data packets using a passive monitoringscheme without affecting or interfering with the network information flow. This is achieved by configuring the Network Interface Card (NIC) in promiscuous mode. The EWMT extracts and views different valuabledetailed information concerning the network in human- readable format. It taps network protocols that run at the IP level, TCP level and otherprotocols at the application level as DNS, HTTP, and FTP. EWMT system is constructed using Microsoft Visual C++ V8.0 development environment along with 3.5.NET framework