Analysis Frequency Modulation Mode-Locked Fiber Laser by Using ABCD Rule


In this paper the study of Frequency Modulation (FM) mode-locking fiber laser is presented. The time-domain ABCD law was employed to clarify the impacts of optical elements on the mode-lock pulses. ABCD matrices formalism in the time domain has been developed under a Gaussian paraxial approximation. Also, these matrices apply to the theory of the actively mode-locked fiber laser. The numerical results are obtained by using MATLABÒ software. The analysis was produced a shorter than 3.16ps duration pulses in laser mode locked with FM modulator driven at repetition frequency of 10GHz and cavity has anomalous dispersion of -0.015ps2/m and nonlinearity of 0.02W-1m-1. The values of chirp are plotted versus average power with many values of dispersion. All relationship between the pulse laser parameters and other effective parameters like, second order dispersion, nonlinearity, average input power, repetition frequency and optical filter bandwidth are plotted anddiscussed