Design An Expert System To Detect The Errors In Logic Circuits


An expert system is a computer program designed to simulate the problem-solving behavior of a human who is an expert in a narrow domain or discipline. An expert system is normally composed of a knowledge base (information, heuristics, etc.) and inference engine (analyzes the knowledge base), and the end user interface (accepting inputs, generating outputs). One of the attractive features of expert systems is the program's ability to review a consultation and provide the user with an explanation for how its conclusion was derived. In this research, the expert system is used to detect the errors in logic circuits. The program is written in visual basic programminglanguage depending on the truth table of logic gates so that the user doesn't need to save these truth tables in his mind. This program is applied in combinational logic circuit, which doesn't contain feedback. The program is answered for the questions of user "Why" and "How" to provide the description and details about gates and their works.