Deflection Estimation of Un-Symmetric Isotropic Cam with Three Circular-Arc Contact Profiles


In this paper the principal objectives is to design a suitable profile that produces minimum value of jerk and contact stress keeping the acceleration within a limit especially in high-speed machine. Many works in the experimental part are done on the synthesis of cam profile in accuracy and system flexibility on the output follower motion; but there is a lack in the analytical part. The analyticalformulation has been done with classical plate theory of un-symmetric cam with three circular-arc contact profiles using the equation of circular plate solution due to the distributed load comes from the perpendicular contact harmonic motion of the follower. The cam used in the paper can be found in cutting and metal forming tools, heavy duty of marine engine, and fast manufacturing equipment. The aim ofthe present paper is to calculate the maximum deflection on cam boundaries varying with (r and θ) coordinates between beginning and ending of contact follower loadings. The results were classified into mathematical model and finite element using software ANSYS.