On The Effect of Flow Direction on Mixed Convection Around Heated Circular Cylinder


A numerical investigation of laminar mixed convection around horizontal isothermalcylinder is presented. The free stream direction varies between the vertically upward(assisting flow) and vertically downward (opposing flow). The governing equation in termsof the stream function, vorticity and temperature are expressed in a body-fitted coordinatesystem and solved numerically by explicit method. Results are presented for Reynoldsnumber from 20 to 300 with Grashof numbers from 0 to 120000. The Prandtl number waskept constant at 0.7. Correlation for the average Nusselt number around the cylinder in theforced and mixed convection regime is suggested. Comparison with previous theoretical andexperimental results shows good agreement. It was established that the maximum heattransfer from cylinder occurs in case of assisting flow