Radiation Performance Evaluation of Microstrip Antenna Covered With a Dielectric Layer


In this paper, a comprehensive investigation of a microstrip antennaperformance covered with a dielectric layer has been presented. An aperturecoupled antenna has been designed as a case study. Antenna parameters havebeen evaluated with and without the presence of a dielectric layer with differentthickness values. Theoretical performance evaluation of this antenna for differentcases, corresponding to the different dielectric thicknesses, has been assessedusing the method of moment (MoM) based EM simulator IE3D, v.10.06. A largenumber of dielectric thickness variations have been modeled, in an attempt toprovide accurate antenna parameters response through this range. Simulationresults show that the antenna resonant frequency is reduced as the dielectric layerthickness is increased. To maintain the resonant frequency, the antennadimensions must be scaled down as a result of the existence of this layer. Inaddition, results also show that, as the dielectric layer thickness is increased, theresulting antenna gain decreases.