Remote ECG Signal Monitoring Via Internet


In this paper the Internet was used as a media for transmission an ECG (Electro-Cardio-gram) signal from a patient directly to a remotely reside doctor or consultant whowill respond via the same media directly. The ECG signal (at patient side) has beencompressed in a manner to achieve low bandwidth requirement by using Matlabcapabilities. Also, at consultant side the original signal is reconstructed using the samecapabilities of Matlab. The Internet works as the center of communication between thetwo sides. A database was used to store the patient information which can be handledeasily by consultant. Respecting the internet no more than a simple rented web site wasrequired as a file storage shared between the consultant and patient. The results showthat the received signal at the doctor side after reconstruction had the complete andcompatible to the signal used for diagnosis.