The Architectural Development in Baghdad's house's elevations"an analytical study in Baghdad's house's elevations at twentieth century


The Architecture is a cultural monumental . It has its action's and reactionsand its position and historical distance . The house , as it concern , one of theArchitectural Phenomenon , has effected from the past till now with the conceptualand theoretical changes . and since the last has effected in the house as a whole ,from side . And the product of its elevation , from the other side . And as a result ofno assistance of any research which study the development of Baghdad's house'selevations during the twentieth century . And to have a completed knowledgementabout this subject , therefore the research problem has been :"There is no completed knowledgement about the development thathappened in the Baghdad's house's elevations at the twentieth century according tothe cultural and effectiveness"The work study different points : the architectural development , the developmentin the house's elevations at the twentieth century , the theoritcal frame , Thework, Practical study , Results , conclusions and advicesThe results refer to the development that happened in the Baghdad'selevation's houses during the twentieth century.The cultural and social theoryeffected in the elevations,coused a harmonycal changes between the elevations andthe theory.The results refer also to the local and historical values beside the new anddevelopmental theories and a large interested in the formal values.