Thermal Effects on Diesel Engine Piston and Piston Compression Rings


This paper introduces an analytical study on the thermal effects on the dieselengine piston and its compresion rings during the contact between the piston and itscompression rings .A three dimensional finite element model is built for the pistonand its compression rings using the ANSYS v. 8 Finite Element Analysis Codethat serves all engineering problems . The thermal analysis is made using contactcase between the piston and its compression rings .The work in this paper did notinclude a convergence study.The study includes the effects on the piston and piston compression ringsof the thermal conductivity of piston material , and the contact area .The conclusionsof this study are that the material type of high thermal conductivity is considered betterthan the material type of low thermal conductivity. This means that the aluminumalloy is considered better than the cast-iron alloy, and tapering the compression ringsfrom the inner side by 1 mm , leads to a reduction in the temperature values by1.6% , 0.84% and 0.37% compared to rectangle compression rings.