Evaluation of Tigris River Quality in Baghdad for the period between (November 2005- October2006)


After war and due to the bad conditions into most services in the country (includingwater supply).It is decide to study some of important characteristics of Tigris River especiallywhen wastes began to through to the river directly without treatment.The study concentrated on the characteristics of Tigris River and its suitability to be treatedby the plants facilities, especially water hardness and turbidity because they represents themost important factors for water classification and its convenience for public use, thencomparing the treated water with the standards for the drinking water.Relations were found between water parameters like (hardness with conductivity),(hardnesswith TDS),(Turbidity with TSS) and (conductivity with TDS) and there variation withseasons along year.Increasing in water turbidity and most of water characteristics were found in February whichis the season of rains and high river flow. Water turbidity increased at Al-Wathba and Al-Rasheed water treatment plants, turbidity values reached to 1200 NTU in raw water and 7NTU for the treated water at AL-Rasheed water treatment plant, this means exceeding thepermissible limits.Concerning water hardness no difference has been found into raw and treated water values,water hardness stay in the same range between (215-465) mg/l .The maximum concentrationsfound in February at Al-Dora and Al-Rasheed water treatment plants