Phonological Deviations in Dickens’ “Hard Times”


1.AbstractCharles Dickens (1812-1870) achieved a recognizable place among English writers through the use of the stylistic features in his fictional language. This study is concerned with Dickens' unique fictional language, used in one of his novels entitled "Hard Times", in relation to phonological deviation from settled norms in English. It endeavors to show Dickens' manipulating language and the effects achieved through this manipulation.This research investigates Dickens' use of language which deviates from the linguistic norm phonologically. As such, it is hypothesized that Dickens used phonological deviation to show the character's social class. The study aims to analyze the types of phonological deviations in Dickens' "Hard Times". It determines the reasons behind these deviations, and how that reflects Dickens' philosophy and style in presenting class distinction in this novel.According to the hypothesis, the research has come up with a number of the findings as a result of the stylistic analysis of phonological aspects carried out in this study. So, phonological deviation has a very important effect on the readers (and hearers). Out of the stylistic analysis, the research has found out that the writer uses a language deviated from the literary convention or everyday speech. He uses two types of phonological deviation to achieve his purpose