Study of temperature and ultraviolet radiation effect on the values of thermal conductivity of hybrid composite materials


In this research work a hybrid composite material was prepared contains a matrix which is Epoxy resin (EP) natural and fabricated fibers (Kevler fiber + Woven and short glass fiber + Palm fiber + Metal fiber), the volume fraction for all hybrid composite material was 25 %.All samples were prepared by hand lay up process. Thermal tests were done by using Lee disk to determine the coefficient of thermalconductivity at different temperatures, the results obtained showed good improvement of thermal conductivity values of the composite material consists of metal wires as result of improve the thermal conductivity. Also the results showed positive effect of thedirectionality of fibers to the hybrid which contains fibers as compared with hybrid contents short fibers. To explain the effect of the ultraviolet (UV) radiation on the thermal properties,the samples were exposed for a period of time to (UV); the results show that as the exposure time increased the thermal conductivity of samples decrease