Hydrochemistry and Assessment of Ground Water Quality of Al-Shekhan – Bartellah Area (Northern Iraq)


The main source of water in the study area is the ground water and rainfall during wet season. Three main aquifers were identified in the study area, PilaSpi aquifer, Al-Fatha aquifer and Injana aquifer. Ten ground water samples were collected during October 2006 from selected wells distributed within Al-Shekhan–Bartellah area. Temperature, pH, and Electrical conductivity were measured in situ, in addition to major soluble ions (Cations and Anions). Total dissolved solids, were analized in laboratory, and total hardness were calculated. Three water types were recognized; Ca-HCO3, Mg-HCO3 and Mg-SO4. The ionic strength of each sample and saturation indices (SI) of calcite, dolomite and gypsum in aquifers were calculated, it was found that all the water samples were undersaturated with respect to calcite and dolomite except wells (w4 and w5) which are in equilibrium state, and all water samples were undersaturated with respect to gypsum. Ground water in study area is potable and suitable for irrigation depending on calculated of sodium percentage (Na%), sodium adsorption ratio (SAR), permeability index (PI) also by using Wilcox diagram and US salinity diagram .