Study of Polymer Quenchants Effect on Some Properties of Stainless Steel alloy (316L).


This study is concerned with the effect of polymer quenching on someproperties of an austenitic stainless steel alloy (316L). Three different operationsof heat treatment have been done including quenching, quenching with temperingand quenching with freezing. A comparison has been done between the effect ofpolymeric quenchant i.e. water solution of poly vinyl alcohol (PVA)and theconventional quenchants represented by distilled water, engine oil and food oil inhaving better properties. Tests have been done to the original and heat treatedspecimens which were Brinell hardness test, wear rate test and thermalconductivity test. Results had revealed that the heat treatments generally enhancethe properties especially the treatment of quenching with freezing and in mostcases the polymeric quenchants gave better results than the conventionalquenchants. Also a simulation to the results of the experimental work has beendone by using the (Visual Basic language), and the results gave us an indication tothe behaviour of specimens’ properties at different concentrations of polymericquenchants over the range used in the experimental work, beside the greatpossibilities of the program in display the experiments which help in trainingengineers in heat treatment and testing fields.