Electrical And Thermal Properties Of Epoxy Resin Filled With Carbon Black


Thermal and electrical conductivity of an insulating polymer can be achieved bydispersing conducting particles (e.g., metal, carbon black) in the polymer. The resulting materialsare referred to as conducting polymer composites. Electrical and thermal properties of epoxycarbonblack composites were studied in this work. The weight fraction of the carbon blacksranged from 0.0 up to 20 wt % with the epoxy resin. By discharging a high voltage through thecomposite it was found that the resistivity of the composite decreased. Epoxy-carbon blackcomposites show significant differences from the neat epoxy resin measured in the frequencyrange. Conductivity percolation threshold was found when carbon blacks is added in the range of1 and 2 wt%. It was found that the epoxy/ carbon black composites have better thermal propertiesthan the neat epoxy.