Multidimensional Graphics Implementation Using DirectX API Class Library


Several techniques or capabilities are provided by DirectX, each of whichcan add effects on the designed graphics by using special functions in theapplication or program that written to design that graphics. Some of thesecapabilities are that, Lighting, Rotation, Texturing, Fog, Environment Mappingand Stencil Buffer capabilities.In this research, implementation of two capabilities are produced, the firstimplementation is of the Texturing capability and show several states of texturingby using variables values of tu and tv texture coordinates.The second implementation is of the Environment Mapping capability whichshows how a shiny teapot is rotated and only one face of the skybox is reflected byit.DirectX can be written in many programming languages, such as C, C++,Visual C++, and Visual Basic.When using the DirectX capabilities in many applications, not all cardssupport all that capabilities at the implementation time, some of these likeLighting, Rotation and Texturing capabilities can be implemented with 64-MegaByte VGA cards, but others like Fog, Environment Mapping and Stencil Buffercapabilities are implemented with 128-Mega Byte and over.