Night Illumination Design on Building aid the Architectural Creativity


Recent trends in night illumination designs for building have experienced specialroles in the architectural compositions. These roles were the prime factors in enhancingthe characters of a building at night and concentrating on the building’s special detailsand functions thru the definition of its internal and external spaces. The process ismainly teased on two levels; The mental and the practical. Which will ensure thecontinuity of spaces and the sustainability of its parts within the natural surrounding.Sometime, equal in effect to day light, conditions, if not more effective in showing themain creative features of the artifact.The crux of the problem in the study is represented in the un-ability to define orexplain the full extent of the role of the night illumination design on buildings, withinthe frame of the two levels of the process; i.e.: Mental and practical. Hence, the aim ofthe research can be identified in the attempt to put down clear dimensions in theprocess for achieving complete architectural creativity in night illumination designs ofbuildings.The research indicated to the effectiveness of night illumination designs onbuildings in achieving the dominance of its features on the building, then it becomepossible to draw some conclusions for the study.