Performance and design changes accompanying the replacing of an old cooling fluid(R12) with one which is safe on the Ozone layer ( R134a) in the cooling system of a small water cooler


Due to the spreading of cooling equipments that works with old coolingfluids(Freon) in the community,and because of the bad effects of these (Freon)incase of their spreading on the Ozone layer and the thermal enclosurephenomenon.It was necessary to provide theoretical and practical studies andresearches on data bases dealing with the field of possibility to replace this kind ofcooling fluids with those that is safe on the Ozone layer and thermal enclosurephenomenon with the least possible costs.this research included a practical study toappreciate the performance of a small water cooler(0.5 liter/hour)which submittedto a number of parameters of design changes that were possible with the least ofcosts , this were included by replacing the old cooling fluid that has bad effect onthe Ozone layer(R12)with one that is safe on the Ozone layer(R134a).In addition toassist the work by conducting several practical procedures on each change on thewater cooling circulation in order to reach the most precise results. Thetemperature of the water that is supplied to the consumer was considered as well astemperature of the compressor as a criterion to appreciate the water coolerperformance with recording all other changes that are possible to compare with inthe results schedule.