Analysis of Z-Source Inverter For Space Vector PWM Fed 3-Phase InductionMotor


This paper presents analysis of operation and implementation of Z-source space vector pulse width modulation (SVPWM) inverter fed three phase induction motor. The Z-source is an alternative power conversion topology that can both buck and boost the input voltage using only passive components. It uses a unique LC impedance network inthe DC link between rectifier and inverter fed induction motor. It also allows the use of the shoot-through switching state, which eliminates or reduces the dead-times that are used in the conventional inverters. Therefore, the Z-source inverter can buck and boost voltage to a desired output voltage that is greater than the available input voltage. In addition, it reduces the harmonics, improves power factor, increases reliability ,low cost and highly efficient single-stage structure for buck and boost power conversion. Theoretical analysis and simulation studies using PSIM software have been performed to demonstrate these new features.