Using Modified Set Partitioning In Hierarchical Tree Algorithm with Discreet Cosine Transform to Compress Color Images


The aim of this research is to investigate the performance of a suggestedimage compression system. The scheme of the proposed system utilizes Tap 9/7wavelet transforms to decompose the image signal, and then uses Discrete CosineTransform (DCT), and uniform quantization; to compress the approximatecoefficients. The detail coefficients are coded by hierarchical uniformquantization, and then the original and modified Set Partitioning In HierarchicalTree (SPIHT) methods were applied on each color band separately. At the endsome spatial coding steps were applied on List of Significant Pixels (LSP) likeRun Length Encoding (RLE) and Shift Coding to gain more compression. The testresults indicate that the modified compression scheme shows a good performanceaspect in addition to its simplicity.